Illustration Alumnus is a True 'Comic'

Photo of alumnus, Michael Auger.

Comic strips just aren’t for Sunday mornings and kid’s magazines anymore.

Illustration alumnus Michael Auger (CCAD 1998) is finding success by working on an all-comic newspaper called the Magic Bullet in Maryland.

The newspaper, which is published semi-annually, is worked on by a group called the DC Conspiracy. They currently include 50 members of the artistic community within the DC area, featuring independent and underground cartoonists. They work to raise awareness and the popularity of comics within the community and culture.

The publication is geared toward adult readers and has an array of topics and themes. It can, at any time, feature political cartoons to dark and mysterious stories and creatures.

Auger was featured in a Maryland community paper about his accomplishment of becoming the cover artist for the newspaper in the most recent edition.

The cover featured an illustration to an Adam Umak poem. The poem portrayed a serial killer who practices cannibalism.

The topic of this illustration happens to be very different from Auger’s standard work.

He normally works on creating young, “light-hearted” characters. This includes unique, interesting pet portraits and other characters he wants to bring to life in his paintings. Auger is a full time freelance illustrator, graphic designer, animator, and fine artist. He owns Auger Artwork Studios, which was established in the spring of 1998 and is now known internationally.

“People still think of comics as kids stuff, there is a whole ‘nother world out there,” Auger said in the article.

Read the article here.