Learning Together


What to expect for the fall 2021 semester 

We are looking forward to welcoming students back to campus this fall. The majority of classes will be in-person on campus. All students will have access to CCAD’s facilities and equipment. We will continue to offer an Online First Year Program for those students who prefer to learn remotely for their first year. Here’s a look at what learning together will look like for the fall 2021 semester.

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Course offerings 

The majority of classes will be in-person and on campus. We will offer fully online and asynchronous classes (without real-time interaction) and synchronous, remote classes (occurring in real time) via some Liberal Arts and select studio courses as well as our Online First Year Program, with the aim of promoting student choice. For more details about courses and scheduling for fall, click here.

Grants, fees & tuitions

We understand that students and families may continue to have questions about CCAD’s Retention Grant, fees, and tuition. Learn more here. If you have additional questions, please contact financialaid@ccad.edu.

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Access to CCAD facilities

All students, including first-year students, will have access to CCAD’s facilities and equipment this fall. We will continue to have health and safety measures in place in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, but campus life will more closely resemble what it has been in previous years. More information will be shared with students this summer.

Academic calendar notes 

The fall 2021 semester will begin as planned on Monday, Aug. 23, 2021 and will end on Friday, Dec. 10, 2021.

Health and safety protocols 

We are aware of changing recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and State of Ohio regarding guidance on mask-wearing and other practices. At present, CCAD will maintain the health and safety measures it put in place in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. CCAD will soon offer a voluntary process by which CCAD community members can report their vaccine status. This reporting, while voluntary, will be essential to informing our planning of health and safety protocols for fall 2021. More information on this process will be forthcoming. CCAD’s detailed Return to Campus Plan for fall, which will include updated health and safety protocols, will be shared in July. Learn more about CCAD's current health and safety protocols.

Vaccination information 

As of now, while COVID-19 vaccines are administered under emergency use authorization by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, CCAD strongly encourages but does not require our community of students, faculty, and staff to get the vaccine.

CCAD currently requires all students to show proof of vaccination against measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR); hepatitis B; DTaP (diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis); meningitis; and polio. We are closely monitoring updates about the COVID-19 vaccine rollout plan in Ohio and across the U.S. and will continue to update our community in the coming months on any potential changes to CCAD’s policy on COVID-19 vaccine requirement.

Requesting the vaccination status of others

CCAD values the health privacy of our community. Unless it is a confidential (and potentially required) vaccination collection from the Student Affairs or Human Resources Office, no student or employee of the college should ask another student or employee to disclose their vaccine status.

COVID-19 testing program 

As of now, CCAD does not plan to do campus access entry quarantining or COVID-19 testing upon students’ arrival to campus in the fall. More information about whether or not CCAD will continue random COVID-19 sample testing in the fall will be announced this summer.

Contact tracing & reporting

CCAD plans to notify, to the best of our ability based on our contact tracing efforts, those in the CCAD community who have had close contact on campus (roommates, direct co-workers, etc.) with a person diagnosed with COVID-19. We also plan to notify local public health agencies. If an individual either self-identifies or is identified through contact tracing as having had close contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19, that individual will need to produce documentation that demonstrates they are fully vaccinated if they wish to avoid mandatory quarantine. If they do not or cannot produce documentation, they will be required to quarantine for the 10- or seven-day period, per our current protocols.

More detailed information can be found in our Return to Campus Plan. CCAD will provide weekly updates regarding the number of positive COVID-19 cases identified on campus via CCAD’s public health page.

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Face mask requirement 

Face masks are currently required for all individuals while indoors on CCAD’s campus if you are outside of your private closed office or residence hall room. As of May 26, 2021, masks are no longer required outdoors on campus. Those who are not fully vaccinated are expected to maintain social distancing.

In rare cases where face masks are not possible due to a disability, face shields or other accommodations may be requested by students by emailing learningsupport@ccad.edu. These requests will require documentation from a healthcare provider. We are currently in the process of updating our Return to Campus Plan for fall, which will include updated health and safety protocols. That information will be shared here in July.

Respecting each other 
There are many reasons why a person may opt to wear a mask even if not required to do so. As a campus community, we encourage respect for individuals’ choices and ask that community members refrain from stigmatizing those who choose to wear a mask. All CCAD community members should keep a mask with them at all times while on campus, as they will be necessary to wear when entering buildings.

What to do if you’re feeling sick 

In order to slow the spread of COVID-19, it’s critical to stay home and follow these steps if you’re not feeling well. To learn more about CCAD’s COVID-19 Attendance Policy for students, click here

Advising & Learning Support 

Planning is underway for the fall 2021 semester and more details will be shared with students prior to the start of the fall semester. For Advising, current undergraduate students can schedule appointments with their advisor at MyCCAD. Graduate students should contact MFA Chair Kelly Malek-Kosak at kmalek-kosak@ccad.edu. Incoming students will receive more information about fall schedules and pre-orientation advising in June via the Orientation office.

For matters related to disability accommodation, the Learning Support staff can be reached at learningsupport@ccad.edu.

Technology resources 

Library & Information Technology is committed to providing the technology resources and support that our students and faculty need for successful learning. Learn more below and access additional resources at Create Away.

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Packard Library 

For fall 2021, Packard Library plans to extend its current hours into the evening. More details will be provided closer to the start of the semester. Online assistance will also be available via email and Google Meet at library@ccad.edu.

Students also have 24/7 access to Packard’s online collection of e-resources, including eBooks, databases, film streaming, online journals, LibGuides, and more. Students in central Ohio can request books and other circulating items for contactless pickup in the Canzani Lower Level lobby outside the library. For more information and resources for students living outside of central Ohio, click here.

Counseling & Wellness 

The Counseling & Wellness Center will continue to be available to students for counseling services this fall. More information will be available this summer about how the services will be delivered.

Please continue to use the CCAD Safety & Security Office (614.222.6165) for emergency support when on campus. Call 911 for immediate assistance or help off campus.

Career Services 

Career Services will continue to offer students assistance with career planning, professional development, and more this fall. More information will be available this summer about how the services will be delivered. Questions? Contact careers@ccad.edu.

Student organizations 

Student Government Association will be active this fall and student organizations will be ready to welcome new members this fall. More information will be shared with students at the beginning of the semester. To learn more, email studentengagement@ccad.edu.