Leaving Cbus

By Hannah Ross

I am not very good at goodbyes. A lot of people say this as a way to avoid confronting certainty, but I say it because I have a hard time believing in their permanence.

Of course I say this now, not wanting my goodbye to CCAD to be final, but in a few weeks or days even; my attitude could change. This time is unpredictable and that's what makes it so scary I think. So instead I pretend all of it isn't happening. I don't have to say goodbye really because it isn't goodbye. I tell myself this because regardless of whether goodbye is Goodbye (with a capital "g"), I don't want to know it now. I'll be back, I'm sure. I have friends here, and teachers, and it's become familiar in a way I never expected it to. I'll miss breakfasts at the German Village Coffee House. I'll miss my route to Target via 315 N. I'll miss that classroom in Kinney where I secretly hid all of my drawing pencils two years ago.

I have no doubt that part of all this surrounds a deep fear of being forgotten. CCAD is my college and will always be, but CCAD has thousands of kin that grow up and move on. Will CCAD remember me? Maybe that's a selfish wish... I hope in some way it does. Maybe I will forever be immortalized in this blog post. Hello readers of tomorrowland! I hope you have gotten rid of all grape flavored things by now...

Fear and uncertainty aside, I know it will be all be okay.

Change is hard. But I've been through it before and I have faith that my future self will find solace in this transition when a new one arises later on.

Columbus has been kind to me and I will always be kind to it. Ciao for now Cbus, and keep on keeping on.