Master of Fine Arts

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Kelly Malec-Kosak

Chair, Master of Fine Arts

“CCAD’s MFA in Visual Arts offers a fertile creative environment with collaborative working spaces, close mentorship of faculty, intensive cross-disciplinary critiques, and a deep history rooted in making. This affordable opportunity offers professional development in teaching experience, off-campus practicums, and graduate assistantships.”

Tim Reitenbach

Professor, Fine Arts

You think: I have a plan, I’m confident, I know what I’m doing. A semester in, you think: I know nothing. A year and a half to respond to that discovery is just enough time to be brilliant. The urgency of this dilemma often garners terrific results, and a better version of confidence.

Julie Abijanac

Associate Professor, Fine Arts

A good MFA program encourages, questions, and pushes you a tad bit beyond where you think your limits are. We believe that research, critical thinking, and vibrant discourse are essential to make your voice clear, because we want your particular voice to infuse your visual outcomes.