Media Studies Alumni Work Day & Night

Alumni Michael Altman and Stephen Galgas worked on Pixar’s Day & Night, an animated short film starring the keepers of daylight and darkness that is seen in theaters before the feature film Toy Story 3.

Galgas worked several months as a 2D animation production coordinator on Day & Night and Altman was responsible for modeling and articulating all of the short’s 3D characters. Altman also worked on Toy Story 3 as a technical director in modeling and articulation, focusing on rigging toys in Sunnyside Day Care.

A recent review in The New York Times included the following about Day & Night, “. . . a charming little movie about two characters, opposites in temperament and outlook, hostile at the start, who gradually learned not only to find delight in each other, but also to appreciate how much they had in common. This film is whimsical, inventive, crammed with visual virtuosity and six minutes long.”

Both Altman (class of 2000) and Galgas (class of 2001) majored in Media Studies Time-Based at CCAD.