CCAD MindMarket Workshops are designed to inspire, enrich and uplift. Regardless of background or profession, our mission is to open up minds to innovation and allow everyone to see the power in design thinking.

About the workshops:

  • Programming is free and open to the public. For a reasonable fee, programming can also be custom designed.
  • Free public events bring in world-class authors and thinkers like Kit Yarrow and Roger Martin as speakers on the tremendous potential for design thinking and innovation.
  • Paid workshops provide organizations with an insightful experience based on current trends in art and design.
  • Workshop structures are open and flexible; we can tailor them to suit any group interested in boosting the quality of collaborative engagement and learning within their organization.

If your commercial or community organization wants to take advantage of the innovative workshops and programming that happens in the CCAD MindMarket, please contact us at 614.437.7555 or