Temporary Shades of Gray

Art sign turns gray on CCAD campus

Our ART sign was looking a little different lately.

The once vibrant red sign (now 15 years old) towering over our campus had faded over the years to a light pink, so President Dr. Melanie Corn decided it was time for a facelift. “The ART sign is an important symbol of the college and the cityscape,” she said. So, for a few days, the sign was covered in a gray primer before we restored it to its red glory. 

The ART sign is a legacy of former President Denny Griffith, who commissioned the structure to serve “as a beacon for the arts in Columbus and beyond." At 100 feet tall, 101 feet wide and 24,000 pounds, it has zero bad angles, whether it’s gray or red. 

Just check Instagram for the proof. (#ccadartsign)