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Meraki Shared Mobility Project
Fall 2019-Summer 2021

Rethink autonomous shared mobility solutions for younger adults, older adults, and service providers


David Burghy
Industrial Design

Irene Cifra
Adjunct Faculty, Industrial Design

Nella Citino
Chair, Film & Video

Matthew Mohr
Assistant Professor, Advertising & Graphic Design

Kingsley Nyarko
Assistant Professor, Film & Video

Jamarr Threatt
Adjunct Faculty, Animation

Greg Thune
Chair, Industrial Design

John Youger
Assistant Professor, Industrial Design



Advertising & Graphic Design
Film & Video
Industrial Design 

Click here to see the student-designed splashbook





Video demonstrating how the service works

Walkthrough video of the VR experience

Part 1 of the project documentary series

Part 2 of the project documentary series

Part 3 of the project documentary series