Cori Rowley

Adjunct Faculty
Industrial Design

United States

Cori Rowley, a Senior Product Designer at Design Central, has more than 10 years of design experience. Her work spans industries including retail and fixture design, product design, analysis of lifestyles, trends and futures, consumer research, and soft goods design. She prides herself on client relationships and cross-functional partnerships. Her research insights are the fuel to her fire. She has traveled the U.S. and internationally in order to study the habits and practices of the end-user. 

When she’s not at Design Central, Cori is also the chapter chair for IDSA OHC, where she supports collaboration between designers across Central Ohio. In addition, she raises her family and runs Yellowood Design Studio with her husband Benjamin, where they restore and sell vintage axes and tools to customers across the globe. Their work is sold directly to consumers through their website as well as through retail partners. Annually, Yellowood hosts Axe Camp, where attendees camp on the family farm for two nights rising in the morning to meet the challenge of splitting logs and learning proper axe care and use.