Eric Homan

Assistant Professor
CORE Studies

Crane Center for Design
United States

Eric Homan earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree studying in Time-Based Media Studies from the Columbus College of Art & Design in 1998 and received his Master of Fine Arts degree in Computer Arts at Florida Atlantic University in 2000. Eric Homan is an Assistant Professor at Columbus College of Art & Design and has been teaching full-time at CCAD since 2002. He has taught such classes as Video I, Video II, Video III, Motion Graphics, Documentary Video, Computer Animation I, and Advanced Time-Based Projects. He currently teaches Visual Literacy I and Visual Literacy II in the CORE Studio department. Eric employs his creative skills of using video, animation, photography, and digital technology as a means of communication, creativity, and self-expression. He has received several awards from around the world for his artwork, including a Telly Award in 2001 for his computer animation piece Life Forms. In 2004, Eric began a foray into documentary filmmaking with the grant-funded projects Treasures of the Hocking Hills and David Hostetler: Artist in Nature, both focusing on the artist communities in southeastern Ohio. He followed these up with various projects, especially Western Heavens on Earth, an artistic exploration of the American West, and Comic Book Culture, an examination of the comic book allure of someone who seeks creativity. Eric created 3D parallax photos and assisted in video editing together the CINDY award-winning short, AEP: Legacy. Working as a video-journalist and a video artist, his work has been broadcast on The Discovery Channel, NBC News, The Weather Channel, BBC Television, Wizard World Comic Con channel, as well as in the United Kingdom, Malta, and India. Eric is also a recipient of a 2016 Film Finishing Grant from the Greater Columbus Arts Council. His short film about autism and the importance of playing, The (Secret) Parks of Dublin… Ohio also screened at the 2017 Columbus International Film + Video Festival. The eclectic 800+ videos on his YouTube page have garnered over 6 million views. Learn more about Eric Homan at his website:, YouTube pageVimeo album page, and IMDB page.

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