Etoia Rivera-Strohm

Adjunct Instructor
Fashion Design

United States

Toia Rivera-Strohm, studies Indigenous Weave Structures. She received the title Master Ashante Kente Weaver from Adamwomase, Ghana, West Africa in 2009. At that time, she was the only female, American weaver to achieve the title. She learned to weave Taanko from the Maori tribe of New Zealand. Toia has woven and documented thousands of cloth designs. Through her efforts, she has been able to help preserve various indigenous structures through video and woven cloth which would have been lost.
Toia has been an adjunct instructor at Columbus College of Art & Design since 2013 and has taught such classes as Knitwear and Accessory Design. Toia manufactures raw textile materials at all stages of the manufacturing pipeline, develops new processes and creates new product opportunities. Learn more about Toia Rivera-Strohm online