Victor Espinosa

Adjunct Instructor
Science & Social Science
Liberal Arts

United States

Víctor M. Espinosa is a sociologist and an ethnographer whose research focuses on art and migration. He is an expert on migrant artist Martín Ramírez. Espinosa has a Ph.D. in sociology of culture from Northwestern University. He teaches at The Ohio State University and since 2018 is also lecturer at the Columbus College of Art & Design. Espinosa is the author of Martín Ramírez: Framing His Life and Art (University of Texas Press, 2015). His most recent project, with theater and performance studies scholar Ana Elena Puga, scrutinizes displays of suffering in artistic and social performances by and about undocumented migrants from Latin America to the United States. Heroes, Martyrs, and Saints: Performances of Suffering in Latin American Migration, is currently under contract with Palgrave Macmillan press. Espinosa has also contributed to journals, books, and art catalogs including Martín Ramírez (Marquand Books, 2007) and As Essential as Dreams (Yale University Press, 2016).