Photography Alumna Manjari Sharma on a Roll

Manjari Sharma

Manjari Sharma

Photography alumna Manjari Sharma (CCAD 2004) is on a roll. Her recent feature in the Los Angeles Times is proof of the artist's incredible momentum as of late.

Sharma's Shower and Darshan series have been widely exhibited around the United States and throughout the world, and were the focus of the article published on Framework, the Los Angeles Times photography page.

"The images from the Shower series became a reason to discuss the idea of intimacy and relationships," Sharma said in the article. "Darshan, the work on Indian gods, is a series that invites the viewer to consider the photograph as a means of spiritual engagement."

Sharma had a solo exhibition featuring Darshan at ClampArt in New York City in October 2013 and is currently showing the series at Richard Levy Gallery in Albuquerque, N.M.

All nine six-foot installations from Darshan will be at the Asia Society Museum in Houston, TX, May 2–Sept. 14 for a show titled Transcendent Deities of India: The Everyday Occurrence of the Divine.

Sharma was also invited to give a visiting artist lecture on her Darshan series at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston on April 1.

Up next on the docket is a project about parenthood and reflection that's already in the works, Sharma told the Los Angeles Times.

"It's far from finished but is slowly growing," she said.

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