The Academic Advising program at Columbus College of Art & Design is committed to cultivating the creative potential of students through a quality teaching and learning process centered around academic goals, self-reliance, and community engagement.


Advisors can assist students with a variety of academic topics outlined below. If you would like to make an advising appointment, please visit the One Stop Student Services or call 614.222.3295. 

Appointments are available in 30 minute increments, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m.–5 p.m. Walk-In hours are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Please arrive on time and bring all necessary materials. If you have to cancel your appointment, please contact the One-Stop Student Services. Appointments arriving more than 15 minutes late will not be seen and must reschedule.

  • Degree requirements and academic plans
  • Registration assistance and course selection
  • Off Campus Study opportunities
  • Campus referrals
  • Establishing academic and career goals
  • Provide continued support through graduation

More information can be found on the Advising Syllabus (pdf)

Responsibilities of Advisors

  • Understand and effectively communicate the curriculum, graduation requirements, and university and college policies and procedures.
  • Encourage and guide students as they define and develop realistic goals.
  • Encourage and support students as they gain the skills to develop clear and attainable educational plans.
  • Provide students with information on utilizing the available resources and services on campus.
  • Be accessible.
  • Assist students in gaining decision making skills and skills in assuming responsibility for their educational plans and achievements.
  • Maintain confidentiality.

Responsibilities of Advisees

  • Acquire the information needed to assume final responsibility for course scheduling, program planning, and the successful completion of all graduation requirements.
  • Become knowledgeable about the relevant policies, procedures, and rules of the college and academic program.
  • Be prepared with accurate information, materials and necessary documents when contacting the advisor.
  • Consult with an advisor at least once a semester to decide on courses, review the accuracy of the academic plan, check progress towards graduation, and discuss the suitability of other educational opportunities provided by the college.
  • Be responsible for knowing how his/her major fits into his/her career goals
  • Accept ownership of academic career: take responsibility for meeting all major and degree requirements.

Registration Process

Students are responsible for successfully completing the registration process. Outlined below is the process students should utilize each semester in preparation for registration. It is recommended that students consult with an Advisor to discuss potential courses for which to register, ensuring the selections will satisfy degree requirements.

  1. Understand the registration access time schedule, which is determined by total completed credit hours.
  2. View the academic plan on Self Service to determine what classes are required for graduation.
  3. Utilize the course search feature on Self Service to determine course availability. NOTE: Students must check immediately prior to registration to verify that the classes for which they wish to register are still available.
  4. Complete a registration form (PDF) including course numbers and course section numbers (example: Course Number: LA133 and the Course Section number: 03, all found on course search)
  5. Students then either utilize Online Registration, if eligible, or return the completed registration form in person to One-Stop Student Services during their scheduling window. Scheduling dates are sent to students via student email and postal mail before the registration windows open.
  6. If students have any questions concerning their courses, academic plans, or scholastic goals, they should make an appointment with their Advisor.
  7. All students are responsible for verifying that their schedule is correct and to know, understand, and complete all degree requirements.

CCAD Absence Policy

Students are required to attend all classes on their schedule. Students who have three or more absences in a class meeting once a week, or four or more absences in a class meeting twice a week may receive a failing grade for that course.

A student who is tardy three times in any scheduled course meeting once a week, or tardy six times in a course that meets twice a week may be charged one additional absence. Students arriving later than one-half hour after the beginning of class may be marked absent. A student leaving class early, without permission, will be considered absent. Absences may be considered when calculating for final grades. Refer to the attendance policy in the CCAD Student Handbook

Repeat Grade Policy

Policy guidelines can be found in the CCAD Student Handbook or by contacting Advising.

Related Forms

The following forms are provided as PDF downloads.

Frequently Asked Advising Questions
Registration Form 
Declare or Change a Major/Minor Form
Petition for an Incomplete

Advising Contact: email I 614.222.3295