Release the Endorphins: Sports at CCAD and Around Columbus

By Sakhile Vanqa

CCAD's cycling group

CCAD's cycling group

"Just give me one more rep! One more lap! I can go for another half hour if I just push some more!" These are the words you grow so accustomed to hearing, whether it comes from your internal drive or a coach (mothers and fathers can be grouped in this category as your ‘biggest fans’). So it comes as no surprise that you seek that familiarity once you get to CCAD.

It's a question that comes up a lot: how you can continue—or begin—your fitness regime. So, being the promoters of self-development that we are, here are some answers.

There are an array of different kinds of physical activities at CCAD that grow once the sun warms up and decides it wants us to be social once again. Also, when you find CCAD lacks something in the extracurricular department, you can turn to Columbus to help you out!

Before you scurry off into the city, you need to know that you have the opportunity at CCAD to create a sports group if you feel that it’s needed. That’s what a few students have done by creating groups such as dodgeball, cycling, yoga, and dance. They get together frequently, and it's a great way to meet people and establish a brotherhood, sisterhood, or Zenhood with your fellow artists. And yes, I did just apply 'Zenhood'. The phrase doesn't exist, but I feel it should, because I feel it's only right, don't you? All those in favor say "aye."

Some groups get together seasonally, as you would expect—wouldn't it be grand to have cycling in the winter? OK, that was loaded with sarcasm, but it would be an interesting feat for someone to rally a winter cycling team—nudge, nudge.

Dodgeball at YMCA on Long Street Dodgeball at YMCA on Long Street

When the weather doesn't permit the kind of exercise you want to do, you can stay on track by using the gyms that the residence halls are equipped with. If you feel that what you need is a trainer to keep you motivated toward your goal, CCAD has established a relationship with Shape Fitness, a 24-hour gym that gives a 50 percent discount to students enrolled at CCAD. This establishment is right across the street from campus, which is convenient in case you want to take the edge off at any time.

There are a few of you that would rather be out and about interacting with the area, instead of jogging on a treadmill, forced to watch seven-year-old episodes of Jerry Springer (it's really difficult to run and laugh at the same time). Enter The Scioto Mile. Located in the heart of the city, The Scioto Mile offers an interesting experience by combining the urban spaces you may not be able to go out and see on a regular basis, and the parks that it runs through, connecting them together.

As you leave the boundaries of campus, you’ll find that there is so much to do in Columbus. With events such as marathons, to organized team sports like  softball, which can   take place as soon as spring begins.


The scenic Scioto Mile

Depending on how religious you are about your fitness, you might not wait until it warms up—I have witnessed people, geared up and running or cycling about in subzero temperatures. And there are some winter running clubs  that encourage that sort of behavior (the Capital City Half Marathon lists a ton of them). The athlete in me would love to love exercise that much, but my mind, with its thoughts, has it at bay.

Up Long Street, not too far from campus sits the YMCA. Once you become a member, you're granted access to their facilities, and have the option of expanding your membership to include packages that they may have going on, like working with a personal trainer to reach a goal.

I was blown away by how much activity goes on in this city. I mean I had a rough idea, but sometimes this four by four block campus can take you in so much so that you forget that there's life out there too. Check out the city's Parks & Rec website—you'll find trials for cycling, running, and hiking as well all manner of programs.

Sakhile Vanqa is a junior majoring in Cinematic Arts who enjoys humor, cycling, and aspires to shoot for National Geographic.