South Korean Museum Acquires Alumnus' Work

Chris Maslon's Phonograph

Christopher Maslon's "Phonograph"

Fine Arts alumnus Christopher Maslon (CCAD 1996) had three of his silkscreens purchased by the Charmsori Gramophone & Edison Science Museum in Gangneung, South Korea.

The museum is the largest gramophone museum in the world. It has a collection of 4,500 phonographs, 150,000 phonograph records, 1,000 books, and 5,000 items from 20 nations.

The three Maslon works bought by the museum are Phonograph, Teal Blender on Yellow, and Refrigerator 1930.

Maslon is currently living and working in South Korea and is a professor at Daejeon Health and Sciences College (DHSC).