Art and design both center on the process of creating, challenging and improving. It takes hard work, long hours and the perseverance to see a vision through. But in a larger sense, you have to invest in more than your own work to drive art forward. It’s support from others — peers, colleagues, professors and mentors — that gives artists the room, resources and confidence to grow.

And it’s support from people like you that allows CCAD to grow.

For nearly 140 years, we’ve been educating talented students and pushing them to think, create and work at the highest level. And today we’re developing new platforms for cross-collaboration and helping individuals frame their own artistic identities.

As we move into another exciting chapter at CCAD, we hope you’ll consider investing in our vision. Whatever your role, we’re grateful for the part you play in our continued success.

Crosley Frankenberry

Crosley Frankenberry graduated from high school when she was 16 years old (and that's not even the most impressive part of this story).

Her parents were unable to provide financial support for college, so Crosley had to come up with a solution. She decided to save on housing costs and commute 45 minutes every day from Newark to attend class – and juggle three jobs on top of that drive and a full courseload.

She worked 70 hours a week at a movie theater, at a coffee shop and on campus as a creative writing coach to finance her education during her first two years.

During that time and despite her busy schedule, Crosley maintained Dean's List status and the scholarship that goes along with it.

Other CCAD scholarships have also helped her pay for school, like the Gertrude Prize for history, and general scholarship funds that were awarded to her as an incoming student, based on her portfolio quality.

Now a junior majoring in Art History, Crosley dreams of going on to graduate school and pursuing a career as a production designer on a movie set.

The support from these scholarships has helped her grow as an artist and a person (although you'll still catch her working 30 hours a week at the school and Starbucks).

Crosley says she feels like she belongs here, which means a lot, considering she tried attending college in Chicago and at Ohio University before discovering Columbus was the best fit for her. CCAD, she added, feels like home.

Marcus Morris

Marcus Morris left Zanesville the day after graduating from high school and never looked back. He worked in restaurants. As a backup singer. As a model. "You name it, I tried to do it," he said.

Then, a photographer he modeled for suggested he might feel more comfortable behind the camera than in front of it.

Enter CCAD.

In his first year, Marcus learned the foundations – how to paint and draw. Art history and color theory. Photography chair Duncan Snyder fed his talent with praise and thoughtful critiques. Art History instructor Georgia Tangi fed him great big Italian dinners.

"The faculty asked me to push myself a little harder. They were there when I didn't know if I should stay," Marcus said. "I became the person who I am because I was able to spend four years at CCAD developing my character, my place as an artist."

And it wouldn't have happened without a scholarship from the general fund: "The scholarship was the difference between being here at CCAD and not."

Now Marcus works at a photo agency in New York. His professional life has taken him from music video sets to oceanfront photo shoots. His photographs have graced magazine covers.

This spring, he gave back to CCAD with his time and talent, providing photography for the CCAD Senior Fashion Show's advertising efforts.

So that initial gift from CCAD? It's still giving.

Who to contact

Have a general question about giving to CCAD, in-kind donations, gift receipts or event RSVPs? Contact Advancement Coordinator Sara Bates at 614.222.3238, or
Alumni Relations Officer Katie Butt, Columbus College of Art & Design (CCAD).

Katie Butt

Alumni Relations Officer

Contact her with questions about annual giving, alumni events, alumni news and volunteer opportunities. 


Susan Quinlan, Project Manager, Columbus College of Art & Design (CCAD).

Susan Quinlan

Advancement Project Manager

Contact her with questions about CCAD events and external events. 


Ashley Waltermeyer, Director of Development Advancement, Columbus College of Art & Design (CCAD).

Ashley Waltermeyer

Director of Development

Contact her with specific questions about individual and corporate giving. 


Lindsey Dunleavy, Vice President for Advancement, Columbus College of Art & Design (CCAD).

Lindsey Dunleavy

Vice President for Advancement

Contact her with questions about major gifts and estate gifts.


Griffith Faculty Excellence Fund

Our faculty are our foundation.

Through the Griffith Faculty Excellence Fund — named for Dennison W. Griffith, the beloved late president of CCAD — we can strengthen that foundation. Here’s how:

  • We recruit and retain the brightest faculty to each discipline at CCAD. We support not only their incredible work with students, but also their own unique passions. Our faculty are Fulbright Scholars and Elixir Editors’ Prize winners. They inspire the creative minds of our students, and through their determined efforts, we can build lasting programs.
  • We bring visiting artists for a semester or even a year, instead of just a day. A Grammy-award winning artist. An exhibitor at MoMA. An Emmy-winning movie director. These are our rock stars — and they have a big influence on our students. Weekly conversations and workshops with these visiting artists provide the extended exposure necessary for artists and designers to grow.

Previous Recipients:

Here’s a look at what our inaugural class of awardees are up to, with the help of the Griffith Faculty Excellence Fund.

  • Charlotte Belland has pulled in the talents of visiting artist Steve Hubbard to teach a course on photogrammetry in spring 2016.
  • Lesley Jenike is attending the Kenyon College Writers Workshop in summer 2016.
  • Jeannine Kraft is pursuing doctoral studies from the National University of Ireland in Galway, exploring Irish cultural identity and its relationship to the landscape in contemporary visual art.
  • Lauren McCubbin is working on a documentary about gender preservation in the world of cosplay (short for costume play), including conducting research at a convention in fall 2016.
  • Ric Petry was awarded funding for the Teaching Artist in Residence Program, a position that provides young artists and designers the opportunity to teach and work with select CCAD graduate and undergraduate students while developing their own practice.
  • Rebecca Robinson will attend the Susan Khalje Couture Sewing School in summer 2016, where she will focus on new technical and design skills unique to couture.
  • Carmen Winant is working on a book project that explores the evolving definition of practice for artists and establishes when and where “practice” first came into the popular lexicon for artists and critics.

The Spirit of Denny Griffith Award

Denny Griffith

Dennison W. Griffith, the 16-year President of Columbus College of Art & Design, inspired countless volunteers to donate their energies and resources to help make the college what it is today. The Spirit of Denny Griffith Award honors a volunteer or group of volunteers for their service to the college.

Each year, CCAD’s senior leadership team recommends a recipient of The Spirit of Denny Griffith Award based on their dedication to furthering CCAD’s mission. That recommendation is then approved by the college’s Board of Trustees. Past award recipients are:

Loann Crane (2017) 

Michael Weiss (2016)

Mark Hazlerig Endowment Fund

The Mark Hazlerig Endowment Fund was established by CCAD alumni and friends to support a yearly scholarship for an outstanding student who excels in dimensional studies. To view more about the fund, click here.

Ways to Donate to CCAD

There are many ways that you can make a difference at CCAD.

Unrestricted gifts

Unrestricted gifts (of any size) to the general fund are important because they provide flexibility for the college to apply funds to where the need is greatest. In the past, unrestricted gifts have been used for:

  • scholarships
  • the purchase and renovation of buildings for classrooms, studios and living space
  • exhibitions and symposia that further artistic knowledge and CCAD’s reputation
  • honoraria for visiting lecturers and faculty development

Gifts for endowments

Endowments provide sustainable funding earmarked for academic or artistic excellence. CCAD’s general endowment gives the college long-term financial stability, enabling CCAD to:

  • establish long-range plans
  • keep a quality art and design education affordable
  • improve facilities, equipment, housing and services
  • take advantage of unexpected opportunities such as capital purchases

Named endowments

A gift of $50,000 carries with it the privilege of naming the fund, as well as specifying reasonable standards for distribution.

Matching gifts

Corporate matching gifts are a great way for CCAD alumni, parents and friends to maximize personal contributions to the college and increase the impact of their gift. By taking advantage of a company's matching gift benefit, you may be able to double or even triple the amount of a contribution.

Gifts for scholarships

Contributions earmarked for scholarships allow students to focus on the creative process while the costs of a college education are met. CCAD awards both merit- and need-based scholarships to qualified students.


CCAD holds a number of programs each year such as the Senior Fashion Show, CCAD art sales, exhibitions and visiting artist lectures and symposia, which are open to the public. With sponsorship support, most CCAD events are offered free of charge, or at a nominal price.