CCAD Creative Entrepreneur Boot Camp

Want to learn creative and business skills that will help you thrive in today’s economy? Come to the CCAD Creative Entrepreneur Boot Camp, where you’ll develop the entrepreneurial skills you’ll need to succeed as an artist or designer.

The CCAD Creative Entrepreneur Boot Camp will take place Summer 2019, in the modern professional studios, labs, and classrooms at Columbus College of Art & Design. This one-week intensive program focuses heavily on contemporary business practices, from branding your business and building a website to accounting and financing.

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Last year's program

Short North scavenger hunt

On this self-guided tour, navigate your way through Columbus’ renowned Short North Arts District and make connections to places and people that could promote your work or offer suggestions for your creative business growth. Get a special gift if you gather all the location tokens and make it back in time for dinner on campus.

Insider happy hour

Network with Craftin' Outlaws organizer and award-winning small business owner Megan Green, as well as other successful creative entrepreneurs, during Happy Hour on Tuesday at 5:45 p.m. We’ll follow drinks with dinner and a panel discussion on taking your hustle to craft fairs and tips for opening your own brick and mortar business.

Raku and s'mores

After dinner on Thursday night, visit CCAD’s Ceramics Lab to glaze bisque tiles by raku fire, enjoy s’mores, and share stories with your creative comrades during this last night celebration. The next day, we’ll have a roundtable discussion about financial literacy with Elaine Grogan Luttrull, head of CCAD’s department of Business & Entrepreneurship; a sketching; and an exhibit followed by lunch.

Yoga and meditation

Wake up each morning and set your intention for the day during yoga and meditation classes offered on alternating mornings from 7 to 8 a.m. You’ll feel empowered and excited to head to your first session at 9, after having time to grab breakfast on campus, of course.


Last year's featured workshops

Finances for Artists & Taxes

Elaine Grogan Luttrull

Elaine Grogan Luttrull

Assistant Professor at Columbus College of Art & Design

A CPA by training, Grogan Luttrull has devoted her career to building financial literacy in the arts industry. Grogan Luttrull is the author of Arts & Numbers, and her presentations have been featured nationally by the DeVos Institute of Arts Management at the Kennedy Center, Americans for the Arts, Playwrights of New York, the Ohio Art League, and the Indiana Arts Commission. Previously, Grogan Luttrull served as the Director of Financial Analysis for The Juilliard School. 



Branding for the Creative Entrepreneur

Andrea Jimenez

Andrea Jimenez

Marketing Project Manager at Columbus College of Art & Design

Andrea Jimenez is a native of Venezuela and has lived in Columbus, Ohio, since 2009. She graduated from Capital University with a BA in Public Relations and Marketing (2012) and an MBA (2016). She currently works at Columbus College of Art & Design as a Marketing Project Manager. Prior to her time at CCAD, Jimenez led the development and roll-out of re-branding campaigns for companies in the healthcare and construction industries. She has previous experience with social media, UX, and digital and traditional advertising. Jimenez is a big-picture thinker who loves consistency. She volunteers at Franklin Park Conservatory and has an almost Instagram famous cat named Sage. (@sage_meows)


Website Design

Lara Weeks

Lara Weeks

Co-Owner of FRINGE22 Studio

Lara Al-Soudani Weeks, co-owner of FRINGE22 Studio, is an eclectic and vibrant designer who brings intense passion to every project she pursues. Understanding the need for more purposeful and relatable design, Lara has shown a particular interest in projects aimed toward the greater good with expertise ranging from graphic design, bookbinding, printmaking to event coordination. Born and raised in Amman, Jordan, Lara is inspired by the rich array of cultural experiences that have shaped her life. In addition to her work with a political advertising agency, Precision New Media, Lara has a pragmatic and resourceful business sense as well a strong attention to detail. As a moto to live by, Lara loves the idea of doing what she can to make sure she “pays it forward” for future generations. She aims to continue her journey in design by finding new and exciting ways to support small businesses and social justice initiatives.

Lara & Alfredo co-own a family food truck business, Babanzo Falafel. A Mediterranean food truck kitchen inspired by traditionalJordanian street food.  

Website Design

Alfredo Weeks

Alfredo Weeks

Adjunct Instructor at Columbus College of Art & Design

A true native of the world who was born in Washington D.C., Alfredo Weeks takes an inward perspective while giving an out-ward embrace when it comes to design and creative strategy. Panamanian heritage with an influence of Afro-Caribbean and Arab cultures, have allowed vibrant colors and bold strokes to dominate the aesthetics of Alfredo's work. A graduate from the Art Institute of Washington D.C. with a BFA in Advertising and the co-owner of FRINGE22, a graphic design and creative strategy studio has set a foundation in putting Alfredo's formal training into practice. Having the opportunity of working under renowned artists such as Sylvia Snowden and maintaining involvement in various social justice initiatives have influenced his multiple skillsets and insights within the creative arena. With a rich energy for cultural understanding and a will to become relatable, Alfredo chooses the arts in his arsenal of tools to promote social discourse.

Lara & Alfredo co-own a family food truck business, Babanzo Falafel. A Mediterranean food truck kitchen inspired by traditional Jordanian street food.  

Copyright & Contracts

Jonathan Politi, Adjunct Instructor, Columbus College of Art & Design (CCAD).

Jonathan Politi

Business and Entrepreneurship Instructor at Columbus College of Art & Design


Last year's featured presentations

Merchandising and Display

Megan Green

Megan Green

Organizer at Craftin' Outlaws

Megan Green brings a highly curated selection of handmade goods to the great city of Columbus, Ohio through her leadership at Craftin' Outlaws. 

Megan is also the owner of Stinkybomb Soap and she serves as executive director of Midwest Craft Con. She's written articles for CreativeLive and Craft Industry Alliance. 

She's a mother of two, wife to one and lover of all things craft-related. 

Creative Persistence, Lessons for a Long-Term Project

Claudia Retter

Claudia Retter

Claudia Retter was born in Germany, grew up in New England, and now makes her home in Columbus, Ohio.  She has seen the world through the eyes of an artist and storyteller ever since she opened her first book, and inspires others to see the stories in their own lives through her exhibits, readings, and workshops.


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