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What is the CCAD Way? 

The CCAD Way—one of Creative Collaboration, Intentional Inclusivity, and Proven Potential—is the Columbus Way, and the way of the future. Through innovative teaching and learning, world-shaping collaborations that ignite potential, and a 141-year commitment to inclusivity, CCAD is prototyping the community that we, as a society, are becoming and need to grow into as we face unprecedented and much-needed change.

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Creative Collaboration

Creative Collaboration is fundamental to a CCAD education. Students are encouraged to take risks, work across disciplines, and move beyond the walls of the college to partner with corporate and community organizations. And collaboration is exactly what we, as a society, need more now than ever. CCAD and Columbus can lead the way.

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Intentional Inclusivity

Intentional Inclusivity acknowledges that being a community focused on equity and inclusivity is an intentional daily act. Founded by five women in 1879, we are now a more diverse student body than ever, and we prepare all of our students for a global economy. Our alumni are changing the face of culture and commerce and making the organizations and communities they’re a part of stronger.

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Proven Potential

Proven Potential is the 141-year history of alumni success that has impacted our community and the world through art and design leadership in all arenas of culture and commerce. The teaching and learning that happens within CCAD thrives on potential, and has become a blueprint that makes Columbus a place that the world watches.

Learn more about The CCAD Way in our current Strategic Plan.