Two Alumni on Crew of Indy Movie Showing at Sundance

"John Dies at the End" movie poster

A premiere at the Sundance Film Festival is a big step toward success for any independent film and the crew that worked on it. Two CCAD alumni are enjoying that satisfaction as the movie John Dies at the End is being screened at the festival.

Kathleen (CCAD 1994) and David Hartman (CCAD 1995) both worked on the film, Kathleen in the costume and wardrobe department and David in animation and special effects.

John Dies at the End began as a webserial and was transformed into a movie by director Don Coscarelli, who also directed The Beastmaster, Bubba Ho-Tep, and the Phantasm films. The movie depicts a couple of college drop-outs who begin to take a paranormal, psychoactive drug that gives users an out-of-body experience. It features a few up-and-coming actors along with award-winning actor Paul Giamatti, who is an executive producer on the film.

The sci-fi comedy premiered Jan. 23 and has four showings throughout the festival, and it's already being talked about for more than just the cast. Reviews have been praising the film and its special effects, ranging from a flying mustache to doorknobs changing into phallic-shaped items.

"When you see an overturned freezer full of foodstuffs become animated Jan Svankmajer-style and assemble into a turkey-headed, sausage-draped meat monster, character development and motivation will be the last thing on your mind," said one reviewer.

The Sundance Film Festival promotes independent artists' work and shares it with global audiences. The festival has included ground-breaking films such as Maria Full of Grace, The Cove, An Inconvenient Truth, Precious, and Napoleon Dynamite.

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