Why Students Choose CCAD

 By Katy Daiber

Students choose Columbus College of Art and Design over similar colleges every year.  So, I asked Freshman around campus, why they chose CCAD.  Although answered varied, everyone concluded that they were drawn to CCAD because of the community here.

Olivia Saunders, Illustration: When I visited I fell in love with Columbus because it's safer city than New York but there's still plenty to do. Plus, there's such a diverse student body here, that no matter who you are, you can fit in.

Claire Heiney, Animation: I was looking for a smaller school, so I could have closer relationships with my peers and professors.

Riley Beard, Fine Arts: I have wanted to come here since 3rd grade because I spent my elementary school years at CCAD’s Saturday Morning Art Classes.

Sierra Hill, Fine Arts: I love the environment and the depth of education available.

Damani Mereday, Illustration:  A friend of a friend told me it was a great art school, and I like the people here, everyone is welcoming.

Taylor Phelan, Fine Arts: It's looked highly upon by my high school. Everyone here is kind and enthusiastic about art.

Jack Beighley, Illustration:  The Art sign out front drew my attention from the beginning, and now I associate it with CCAD.

Josh Smukal, Cinematic Arts: It's the only school around that offers a film program that will prepare me for work in the cinematic industry.

Royal Dunlap, Illustration: The location is urban and downtown is close, but it has it's own quiet corner of Columbus.  I chose it over other schools, because I enjoyed the College Preview Program and felt at home.

Josh Miller, Animation: It's a smaller school so you get to know everyone on a personal level.

Margaret Kammerer, Fine Arts Major: I like being in a city but also having a quad and a sense of community here on campus.

Megan Earley, Illustration: I love downtown Columbus, there's lots of events, concerts, and festivals. It's great for young artists because there are so many opportunities for creative thinkers here.  At CCAD is accepting and the sense of community is real.

MinJin Byun, Fashion Design: At the South Korea Portfolio Day I learned about CCAD and decided to come because the fashion design program is very rigorous but helpful.  I'm learning a lot and the professors are wonderful.  I love the campus because of the quad is great for skateboarding and relaxing with friends.

Alexandria Domoracki, Fashion Design: It's in the city but still has a grass quad area.  I feel that I can get to know my teachers here in the Fashion Design Program.

Francis Aramisola, Animation: When I visited other schools, I didn't feel at home as much as I do at CCAD.

Katy Daiber is a freshman dual majoring in Fine Arts and Illustration, a first degree black belt, teaches art classes for SMAC, and loves nature, 60's folk music, and posting her artwork on Instagram.