Year of Alumnus’s Life Culminates with Upcoming ‘Puss in Boots’

"Puss in Boots" opens November 4, 2011.

In an email titled ‘Culmination of 1.5 years of my life!,’ Media Studies alumnus and Dreamworks effects animator Nick Burkard (CCAD 2007) shared with us the work he did on the upcoming Dreamworks film, Puss in Boots.

“I just wanted to send over the most recent cut of the Puss in Boots trailer,” wrote Burkard. “I did a lot of work in this; I think I touched every piece of clothing here (either creating it or making it ‘fit’ with our pipeline).

“Also I did the shot where Puss chases after the light (look at that feather bounce!).  I also helped setup our Houdini fur simulation pipeline, but none of those shots are in this trailer.”

Set to release November 4, 2011, the film tells the heroic journey of Puss in Boots, Humpty Dumpty, and Kitty Softpaws as they try to steal the Goose that lays the Golden Eggs.

Want more? Watch the trailer here. (Make sure to pay close attention at 0:29 for the light chasing scene Burkard is talking about.)

Learn more about the film on its website.