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Multicultural Affairs

The Multicultural Affairs office plays a key role in supporting, educating about, and celebrating the various forms of diversity at CCAD. The office coordinates student organizations, bi-weekly programs, and annual events dedicated to discussing diversity.

Below are some examples of Multicultural Affairs sponsored programming. This information is subject to change. To get a full picture of what is offered, and to get involved, contact the Multicultural Affairs office via email or at 614.222.6175.

Student Organizations

CCAD has a variety of student organizations focused on providing members with opportunities to connect with other students and learn from one another’s experiences. Some of CCAD’s multicultural student organizations include (click to view Facebook groups, where applicable):

To learn about connecting with these groups or finding others, contact the Multicultural Affairs office via email or at 614.222.6175.

Annual Events

Diversity Retreat

The diversity retreat provides an opportunity for students to spend the night at an off-campus location and talk with each other as well as faculty and staff about diversity and social justice. Attendees develop leadership skills to positively address issues of diversity and promote social change.

Isms in the Media Film Series

This film series examines the role that television shows, movies, and other forms of media play in shaping our identities.

Contact the Multicultural Affairs office for information on specific dates for these annual events, as well as other events throughout the academic year.

Multicultural Affairs Contact:
email | getinvolved AT ccad DOT edu | 614.222.6175