About Us

CCAD fosters a diverse community that educates students so they can unleash their creative power to shape culture and commerce.

Our Values

We value every member of our community and together we focus on student and institutional success.

Who we are. What we stand for.

Ours is a community where all people, views and perspectives are welcomed. All of which make us better as an institution. And just as importantly, better prepare our students for successful careers as artists and designers in a multicultural world.

Our Future

We're working to create a transformational educational experience that serves our diverse community of students and drives the growth of the region's creative economy.

I chose CCAD over other colleges because it has the most positive community that allows for growth and development of skills in an understanding and safe environment.

Current CCAD Student

The Investment of a Lifetime

We bring real life into the classroom. And that brings students face-to-face with their future and prepares them for what’s next.


CCAD was founded by five women who envisioned a place where artists could learn and grow from one another. And from that point forward we’ve worked to make that vision a reality.