Dive into art school life — and earn college credits.

Ready to experience life as an art & design student? CCAD’s College Preview is the perfect opportunity to learn, create, and explore on our beautiful campus located in thriving downtown Columbus, Ohio.

Open to high school students in grades 10-12 who are considering a future in art and design, this program will introduce you to the art & design school experience. You’ll customize your experience by choosing a major area of study, such as animation, game art and design, or photography.



Over the course of three weeks, you’ll collaborate with other emerging artists and designers from around the country. Together, you’ll experience college-level instruction in the morning and professional development, collaborative workshops, and electives taught by practicing artists in the afternoon. You’ll also have individual studio time.


Just like a full-time college student, you’ll live in one of our residence halls. See firsthand why Columbus is a vibrant arts destination through chaperoned trips to sites of interest such as the Scioto Mile, Otherworld, and the Franklinton Arts District. Plus, you’ll participate in a public-facing exhibition as the culmination of the program.

Program Costs & Scholarships

College Preview has an all-inclusive tuition rate and offers scholarship opportunities.

Total program fees: $3,600

Your all-inclusive program tuition covers:

This includes tuition of $3,350 and a $250 registration fee.

CCAD offers merit- and need-based scholarships to help students finance their College Preview Experience.

  • Three college credits
  • Classes, workshops & studio time
  • On-campus lodging
    Three meals a day
  • Art supplies
  • Excursions (ex: museum admission)
  • Mentored portfolio development
  • One-on-one admissions counseling

2024 Program Dates & Deadlines

As you consider joining us for our next College Preview, keep these important dates and deadlines in mind.

Feb. 12Early bird registration deadline (save $250)
April 23Scholarship application deadline
May 7Scholarship decisions received
May 28Registration closes
June 3Tuition balance due
July 7Move-in and mandatory orientation
July 27Commencement, exhibition, and move-out

2024 College Preview Theme: Forge Forward

College Preview

Each year, our summer program chooses a theme that unites all we do for our exciting, enriching three weeks. This year, it’s “Forge Forward.”

An artist’s community is more than just the people with whom they share their lives and work. It is also the vast, interconnected networks of flora and fauna that inhabit our planet. Artists, scientists, and scholars have studied how plants have grown and evolved alongside our human communities, serving as food, clothing, and even currency.

Foraging, or the act of gathering wild ingredients for food, crafting, or artmaking has recently grown in popularity thanks to an online community of foragers sharing their knowledge with new audiences; and has sustained human beings for thousands of years. College Preview: Forage Forward asks students to think about the symbiotic relationship between plants and artists and how they can explore this relationship in their own communities and art practice.

Over the course of three weeks, we’ll explore public art and conservation efforts local to Columbus such as Columbus Audubon Society and the historic impact artists such as Frederic Church made on the foundation of our National Parks Services. Students will attend their dedicated major classes in the mornings and, in the afternoons, they’ll participate in multidisciplinary workshops and seminars that explore contemporary, ancient, and indigenous representations of foraging and its vital role in human history.

Register for College Preview

Ready to spend part of your summer in Columbus with us? We look forward to learning more about you and your goals! Register by Feb. 12, 2024, to waive the registration fee.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common questions we get about this summer experience (and their answers!). If you need more information, we’re happy to help.

Our scholarship application asks students to share a 300-500-word personal statement relating to the College Preview theme for the year. (In 2023, it’s “Forge Forward.”) Also, we ask for three portfolio samples that represent the height of the student’s creative work.

  • Registration fee is nonrefundable and nontransferable.
  • A 100% refund of Tuition balance less $250 nonrefundable registration fee is eligible if withdrawn by June 10.
  • A 50% refund of Tuition balance less $250 nonrefundable registration fee is eligible if withdrawn by July 9 before 5 p.m.
  • No refunds thereafter.

Please note that classes may be canceled due to low enrollment. Registrants with canceled sections will be offered an alternative class section for their young artist or a full refund for their class registration.

College Preview Withdrawal Form

Due to the logistics of supply acquisition and class rosters, we do not allow students to change majors mid-program. CCAD prides itself on our highly trained teaching artists, who work hard to develop curriculum and request professional artmaking supplies before the session starts.

  • A core tenet of the College Preview experience is creating a safe environment for students to grow and experience the independence of attending college. If you feel it necessary, you may visit your young artist outside of class time (lunch, noon–1 p.m. or after 4 p.m.). We ask that you schedule your visit around our scheduled activities, as these events have already been supplied with a full student headcount in mind.
  • STUDENTS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO LEAVE CAMPUS, with a family member or otherwise, unless for a pre-arranged medical appointment. Please contact our program coordinator at [email protected] to alert them of any off-campus medical visits with your young artist. Failure to abide by this requirement may result in your student’s immediate dismissal from the program at your expense.

Students will receive 3 non-major elective art credits and have their application fee to CCAD waived upon completion of the program.

How these credits transfer to outside institutions is at the discretion of their registrar, and will vary on a case-by-case basis. Please contact CCAD’s registrar at [email protected] to request your transcript.

We're here to ensure your safety while you're at CCAD. That’s why residence hall advisors and campus security staff are available at all times. At College Preview Orientation, we’ll cover our CCAD Student Handbook, code of conduct, campus safety procedures, and other related information.