10,000 square feet of motivation.

Your work deserves to be seen in a space like this.

Inspiration Abounds

With crisp white walls and well-worn hardwood floors, four student galleries stand ready to shine a light on your work at CCAD. Our galleries not only represent some of the best college gallery space anywhere, but they also represent the respect we have for you and your creativity. And if you're the type who simply can't get enough art, the Columbus Museum of Art is just next door, too. Did we mention it's free for CCAD students?

Byers Gallery

This fine arts gallery is located on the first floor of Design Studios on Broad. The Byers Gallery is open to both group exhibitions and solo senior shows.

Beaton Gallery

Located on the third floor of Kinney Hall, the Beaton Gallery displays rotating work by Photography students.

DSB Gallery

The DSB Gallery is a Fine Arts gallery located on the second floor of the Design Studios on Broad. This gallery is open to both group exhibitions and senior solo shows.

Acock Gallery

In addition to showcasing Fine Arts and MFA student work, the Acock Gallery features artwork from our community programs, as well as occasional visiting artists. The gallery is located on the second floor of the Joseph V. Canzani Building.