A Guide for Parents

CCAD Grads Are in High Demand

Creative minds and skills are needed in every industry. CCAD grads are equipped with the talent, critical thinking abilities, and work ethic that give them an edge. Which leads them to important jobs. Which leads to a positive return on your investment in their education.

This doesn’t mean the cost of higher education isn’t a concern. We know it is. But we also know the investment you’re making will deliver the results you’re looking for.

[CCAD] gave me the basic skills that got me my first job, which allowed me to grow into the career I have now. I felt confident pursuing a job in the field I studied at CCAD and have now enjoyed 15 years on the same career path.”

Erin Camerlengo Advertising & Graphic Design, 2005
Fashion Madison USA 12

Recognize these brands? CCAD graduates helped bring them to life.

CCAD grads are employed by some of the world’s largest and most familiar brands. Further evidence that a degree from CCAD opens doors to world-class opportunities.


Our costs are competitive. Our value is proven.

When comparing tuition costs to our peer institutions across the United States, CCAD is, on average, approximately 10% less per year. While that’s a significant number, it’s only a starting point. Because when you consider our approach of awarding scholarships to every accepted undergraduate student, CCAD represents an even greater value. The goal, of course, is to make CCAD what every family wants. More affordable than our peers. And more accessible than ever. Which is a goal we accomplish every day.

An art and design college that prioritizes critical thinking. Smart.

Studio time will always be an important part of our approach to academics. But that time becomes even more valuable when it’s combined with a well-rounded education that emphasizes critical thinking, as well as essential communication and business skills. It’s an academic structure that creates better artists and designers. And more thoughtful people.

“Columbus is inherently a creative city, and therefore it is really easy to get inspiration and to find other creatives who can inspire and teach you.”

Current CCAD Student


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