100 Hours Till Launch

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A Columbus College of Art & Design class and local company ODAM Publishing have teamed up to create an original card game. Led by Liz Keegan, CCAD Assistant Professor of Animation and Game Art & Design (set to launch in fall 2020, pending accreditor approval), students in the Game Arts Project class tackled the problem of “crunch culture” with the game 100 Hours Till Launch.

The game

100 Hours Till Launch puts each player in a certain mentality to explore ideas of empathy, respect, inclusivity, and being empowered to make choices within their studio. The desired outcome is for players to reflect on crunch culture, its negative effects, and come to understand that a manageable work-life balance benefits everyone—both designers, developers, and companies in the game development industry.

100 till launch team

About the team

Instructor: Liz Keegan

Lucky Draw Games:

Catherine Lastowka | Team Animation | Instagram
Chumani Bowser | Team Print | Instagram
Jennifer Stout | Team Design | Instagram
Jordan Bailey | Team Design | Instagram
Noah McKee| Team Print | Instagram
Sean Howard| Team Print/Animation | Instagram

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“We at Lucky Draw have a goal to tackle the idea of “crunch culture” within the larger game industry, and certain problems everyday workers—more so, everyday people—end up facing. Crunch culture is undoubtedly a large and pervasive problem that affects a substantial amount of workers around the world. While it causes strain and various negative effects, most importantly, it’s still manageable. 100 Hours Till’ Launch places the player into the shoes of workers who run a small indie game dev studio, setting every participant into a similar mentality to explore ideas of empathy, respect, and agency within their studio. The aim of this project is to further evoke and understand passion as work, inclusivity, and inspire reflection on the topic of crunch culture.“


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Download the print and play

  1. Download both .pdf files here and here.
  2. Print card sheets (100HoursPNPCards.pdf) on 8 1/2 by 11 paper
  3. Cut along the marked lines
  4. Assemble decks as indicated by the rule book (See the component list)
  5. Enjoy & Share your experience on Instagram 

Play along using #ChallengeCrunch, #CCADGame, and #100HoursTillLaunch, or send a testimonial to the team at [email protected].