CCAD at a glance

CCAD teaches undergraduate and graduate students in the midst of a thriving artistic community in Columbus, Ohio.

Founded in 1879, CCAD is one of the oldest private, nonprofit art and design colleges in the United States and, in 2019, the college is celebrating 140 years of creative excellence.

CCAD offers 12 BFA programs and two master’s programs in art and design that produce graduates equipped to shape culture and business at the highest level. 



Areas of study

12 Bachelor's degrees and 2 master's degrees cover a broad range of subjects and practice areas.

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Advertising Design & Graphic Design

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Animation

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Comics & Narrative Practice

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Contemporary Crafts

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fashion Design

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film & Video

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fine Arts with emphasis in Drawing, Glassblowing, Painting, Printmaking and Sculpture

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Industrial Design

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art with an emphasis in History of Art and Visual Culture

Masters of Fine Arts in Visual Arts

Masters of Design in Integrative Design


What makes us "us"

What motivates us


What we do

CCAD fosters a community that educates diverse students so they can unleash their creative power to shape culture and commerce.

Who we strive to be

CCAD will be recognized as a top-tier college of art and design, a cultural leader, and the engine of Columbus’ creative economy. CCAD will have a global reputation for delivering an innovative and relevant creative educational experience of value to its students, alumni, and society.



CCAD believes diversity is necessary for art to evolve. Here's a few numbers to put our diverse community of students and faculty in perspective:

Caucasian students: 64%
Minority students: 30%
Female students: 68%
Male students: 32%
Domestic students: 92% (from 37 states)
International students: 7% (from 22 countries)

Figures based on 2016 enrollment

Commitment to diversity

Average student-to-faculty ratio

9:1 student-faculty ratio

Student outcomes*


  • 88.2% of graduates have jobs or educational plans a year after graduation


  • 75% of master’s graduates are employed or are pursuing further education within six months of graduation
  • 100% of those employed are working in a field that is related to their career goals within six months of graduation

*Data based on 2016 Outcomes Survey for Class of 2016

  • 77 total undergraduate alumni respondents from the Class of 2016 (graduating cohort n= 216)
  • 4 total graduate alumni respondents from Class of 2016 (graduating cohort n = 13)

Download the full report.


Enrollment figures (student right-to-know information)

First-to-second-year retention: 77% (based on Fall 2016 cohort of first-time, full-time students)

Graduation rate (per 2016 IPEDS):

  • Four-year: 52%
  • Six-year: 61%

Room & board

Explore on- and off-campus housing options. Whether you're from the Columbus area or outside locations (including international), all are welcome!


Room rates for first-year students

Schottenstein Residence Hall:

  • Shared double room (plus required meal plan): $9,570 per year; $4,785 per semester

Design Square Apartments:

  • Four-bedroom (plus required meal plan): $11,700 per year; $5,850 per semester


Room rates for returning students

Design Square Apartments:

  • Two-bedroom: $8,740 per year; $4,370 per semester
  • Four-bedroom: $8,100 per year; $4,050 per semester


Meal plans

  • Gold Plan (250 meals and $100 flex): $3,200 per year; $1,800 per semester. Required for all incoming students.
  • Silver Plan (175 meals and $125 flex): $2,400 per year; $1,410 per semester
  • Bronze Plan (125 meals and $150 flex): $1,920 per year; $1,080 per semester


For more information, visit our Tuition & Fees page.

By the numbers

Columbus is the No 3 best city for new college grads.

CCAD is in the top 7 of graphic design schools in Ohio

CCAD is in the top 25 fashion schools in the world.  

CCAD is the No 1 illustration program in the Midwest

CCAD is in the top 5% of illustration programs nationally.

CCAD is in the top 15% of design programs nationally

CCAD is in the top 20% of animation programs nationally.  

CCAD is a recognized Toon Boom Centre of Excellence.

CCAD is one of the best values when choosing a college. 


Off-campus programs

CCAD-approved programs

  • Studio Art Centers International, Florence, Italy
  • University of Arts London, London
  • University of Arts London, London College of Fashion, London

International exchange programs

  • China Academy of Art, Hangzhou, China
  • Universidad Mayor, Santiago, Chile
  • Xi’an Fine Arts Academy, Xi’an, China
  • Northumbria, Newcastle, England

Domestic programs

  • AICAD Exchange Program

Pre-college programs

Continuing education


Columbus College of Art & Design
60 Cleveland Ave.
Columbus, OH 43215