Commitment to diversity

CCAD is a place for people like you.

People who think differently. People who refuse to stay within a box, stereotype, line, or any other boundary that restricts self-expression. Diversity moves art forward. Diversity makes our connected community even stronger.

CCAD student body demographics

Caucasian students: 67%
Minority students: 33%
Female students: 64%
Male students: 36%
Domestic students: 92% (from 38 states)
International students: 8% (from 26 countries)

CCAD Diversity Statement

CCAD's diversity statement

CCAD defines diversity as a collection of differences in human expressions, life experiences and personal characteristics present among individuals and groups. These elements, in sum and in part, enrich our campus community and the larger world. The dimensions of diversity include, but are not limited to, age, culture, ethnicity, gender identification and presentation, geographical location, language, nationality, physical and cognitive abilities/qualities, political views, race, religion/spirituality, sexual orientation and preference, and socioeconomic status. This definition informs and guides our curriculum, programs and conduct as we strive for greater understanding and true celebration of our human community.