Griffith Faculty Excellence Fund

Our faculty are our foundation.

Through the Griffith Faculty Excellence Fund — named for Dennison W. Griffith, the beloved late president of CCAD — we can strengthen that foundation. Here’s how:

  • We recruit and retain the brightest faculty to each discipline at CCAD. We support not only their incredible work with students, but also their own unique passions. Our faculty are Fulbright Scholars and Elixir Editors’ Prize winners. They inspire the creative minds of our students, and through their determined efforts, we can build lasting programs.
  • We bring visiting artists for a semester or even a year, instead of just a day. A Grammy-award winning artist. An exhibitor at MoMA. An Emmy-winning movie director. These are our rock stars — and they have a big influence on our students. Weekly conversations and workshops with these visiting artists provide the extended exposure necessary for artists and designers to grow.

CCAD faculty give their best. They deserve ours.

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Previous recipients:

Here’s a look at what our inaugural class of awardees are up to, with the help of the Griffith Faculty Excellence Fund.

  • Charlotte Belland has pulled in the talents of visiting artist Steve Hubbard to teach a course on photogrammetry in spring 2016.
  • Lesley Jenike is attending the Kenyon College Writers Workshop in summer 2016.
  • Jeannine Kraft is pursuing doctoral studies from the National University of Ireland in Galway, exploring Irish cultural identity and its relationship to the landscape in contemporary visual art.
  • Lauren McCubbin is working on a documentary about gender preservation in the world of cosplay (short for costume play), including conducting research at a convention in fall 2016.
  • Ric Petry was awarded funding for the Teaching Artist in Residence Program, a position that provides young artists and designers the opportunity to teach and work with select CCAD graduate and undergraduate students while developing their own practice.
  • Rebecca Robinson will attend the Susan Khalje Couture Sewing School in summer 2016, where she will focus on new technical and design skills unique to couture.
  • Carmen Winant is working on a book project that explores the evolving definition of practice for artists and establishes when and where “practice” first came into the popular lexicon for artists and critics.