Mission statement

What we do

CCAD fosters a community that educates diverse students so they can unleash their creative power to shape culture and commerce.

Who we strive to be

CCAD will be recognized as a top-tier college of art and design, a cultural leader, and the engine of Columbus’ creative economy. CCAD will have a global reputation for delivering an innovative and relevant creative educational experience of value to its students, alumni, and society.

What motivates us


Our Core Values

CCAD values every member of our community and together we focus on student and institutional success. The CCAD community expects:


Be respectful in tone and with people’s time, and offer constructive criticism.

Be transparent by communicating directly, clearly, and in a timely manner.


Be supportive and praise your peers. 

Assume positive intent and competency.


Model the behavior you want to see in others.

Embrace change and innovative thinking.


Be accountable to one another at all levels.

Lead from every seat and with a “we.”