Game Art & Design

Go from player to maker. 

In our new Game Art & Design major, you will be able to share and build games created through your unique perspective. You’ll learn everything game-making, from introductory coding to playable prototypes. You’ll develop the game art and game design skills and build the confidence you need to create both digital and physical game-ready assets alongside emerging trends in augmented and virtual technologies. Our program will give you access to a diverse community of students and local creators, visiting practitioners, and expert guidance from CCAD faculty across disciplines. As a Game Art & Design major, you’ll learn how to build environments intended for player exploration, storytelling, and immersive gameplay. You’ll be engaged with community game forums and have the opportunity to participate in hackathons, regional game festivals, and expos. In Game Art & Design, you’ll collaborate, connect, create, and play with your peers and those in the game industry.

Our graduates will be prepared with the skills needed to succeed across a growing industry. The Game Art & Design curriculum intends to prepare students for many possible career outcomes including self-published/independent game artists/designers, interactive media artists, and 2D/3D game production artists.

Experience the Cloyd Family Animation Center’s Stop Motion Lab

Launch Experience



You'll have access to:

  • Mac and PC computer labs loaded with industry-standard software
  • 21-inch Cintiq tablets to wire up and develop your 2D and 3D skills
  • Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) development kits and spaces to experiment
  • Sound room
  • Green screen chroma key shooting studio
  • Library access to curated tabletop titles and RPG Zines
  • Department access to tetherless VR and AR kits
  • 3D Printing and alternative controller kits (Makey Makey, Arduino)
  • Editing suites
  • Play-testing area




PLAY - Student Game Archive

Over the course of a semester, students develop original game titles. This library is dedicated to showing off their hard work. Most game art pipeline game experiences are in development. 

Games developed using the Unity Game EngineFungus Kit, Adobe Design SuiteAutodesk ToolsBitsyGB StudioTwine, and the Unreal Game Engine  

Game Design graphic

Regional employers

360 Alley 
Afroduck Studios
Arcane Studios
Bawden Studio

McGraw-Hill Education
Mindstream Interactive

Multivarious Games
Pixel Park
Super77 Games
Super Lame Games

National employers

EA (Electronic Arts)  

Insomniac Games
Legio Vox Studios 

RIOT Games
Singularity 6  


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Credit hours

Program Requirements60
CORE Studio Requirements21
CORE Liberal Arts Requirements39

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Course information

See Game Art & Design's course requirements.


Chair of Game Art & Design
Game Art & Design
Assistant Professor
Game Art & Design
Adjunct Faculty
Game Art & Design
Adjunct Faculty
Game Art & Design
Adjunct Faculty
Game Art & Design

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