Preparing your CCAD portfolio

Show us your creativity.

Show us what inspires you. How you think about a project. How you use your creative mind to solve problems.

When it comes to your CCAD portfolio, we want to see your creative work—whether that’s something traditional, a bit out of the ordinary, or way out of the box. Maybe that’s classroom work or studio assignments, or a cool smartphone video, an inventive science project, or a piece of creative writing. Whatever you’ve done that exemplifies the scope of your imagination, it can be used to build your portfolio, as long as it demonstrates a connection between your interests and our majors—and, specifically, your potential to thrive as a student at CCAD.

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How to Create Your College Art & Design Portfolio 


CCAD Portfolio Requirements

We require a portfolio of 8 to 15 pieces to be submitted as part of your application. We encourage you to select pieces that reflect your technical skill as well as your individual point of view as an artist. We don’t require specific types of work; instead, show us the work that matters to you. Show us your unique perspective!

A few things to keep in mind…

  • At CCAD we encourage you to explore outside your major and try different mediums, techniques, and styles.
  • We teach every major from square one, so there is no need for prior subject knowledge to study it. Similarly, we do not require a major-specific portfolio.
  • We want you to show us the work you feel passionate about, regardless of what your major at CCAD will be.
  • When deciding which pieces to include in your portfolio, remember that, sometimes, less is more. We give you a range of between 8 and 15 required pieces so you have the ability to submit your strongest work with as much consistent quality as possible.
  • However, in addition to technical skill we also love to see pieces that display originality, personal voice, function, and/or a story or narrative.
  • Make sure to document your work clearly and that digital submissions are in the correct format. 

Have specific questions or want an individual portfolio review?

If you would like specific questions answered about your portfolio, or would like a one-on-one portfolio review, speak with your Admissions Counselor! Our Admissions Counselors are here to help you navigate the college application and decision processes, answer admissions questions, and assist you in deciding which pieces to include in your portfolio!

Our Admissions Counselors also review portfolios at National Portfolio Days, which are opportunities to meet our counselors and have your work reviewed by representatives from many colleges and universities. National Portfolio Days CCAD is attending this year here and learn more about National Portfolio Day here.  Learn more about National Portfolio Day and check out events happening near you here.

We recommend visiting campus for a personal tour and portfolio review with one of our Admissions Counselors!If you would like to schedule a visit, click here, email, or call the Admissions office at 614.222.3261.

Click here or email to arrange a portfolio review