CCAD Scholarships

We reward hard work.

We offer two types of institutional scholarships: academic scholarships and merit scholarships. These are based on academic qualifications such as grades and test scores, on your major and on the talent exhibited in your creative portfolio. You’re eligible for scholarships once you’ve been admitted to CCAD’s BFA or MFA programs and if you’ll be attending CCAD for the first time. This includes transfer, international and nontraditional students. These financial awards do not have to be repaid.

How to apply

Merit scholarships

Merit scholarships are awarded to exceptional students who also demonstrate exceptional talent in their creative portfolios. Judging is based on your application, including your portfolio, transcripts, letters of recommendation and personal statement.


External competitions linked with institutional CCAD scholarships

We recognize a number of state and national awards with institutional scholarships for undergraduates. Unless otherwise noted, these scholarships are renewable if you stay enrolled as a full-time student and maintain satisfactory academic standings.

How to apply

To apply for most of the external competition-linked scholarships, submit official documentation of your achievement to the Admissions Office during the application process.

MVP scholarships

MVP Visuals is proud to help current and future college students succeed. The company’s annual $500 scholarships for graphic and applied art are awarded to passionate students who embody the professionalism and creativity of their customers and employees. To qualify, you must be a high school senior entering a U.S. university and pursuing a major in graphic arts and design or applied arts or a current U.S. undergraduate student majoring in graphic arts and design or applied art. To apply, please visit the MVP Visuals website.



CCAD offers scholarships to students who are recognized as winners at the national level of the National YoungArts Foundation competition.

  • National winners (Gold, Silver and Levels I, II and III) are eligible for four-year, half-tuition scholarships.
  • YoungArts-related scholarships are coordinated with other financial aid awards.


National Art Honor Society

CCAD offers scholarships to National Art Honor Society certificate holders who submit certificates to the college.

  • Certificate holders are eligible for $4,000 tuition scholarships ($1,000 per year for four years).
  • National Art Honor Society-related scholarships are coordinated with other financial aid awards.


Lounge Lizard

Lounge Lizard is offering a scholarship contest for the Spring Semester. The web design can be from past or present and the award includes a $1,000 prize for the winning student. High School, Undergrad and Grad students are eligible. Applications are due by February 13th. Applicant must be a student at an accredited school, or be accepted to begin school at an accredited school within 6 months of application. Applicants can win the contest up to 2 times only. All funds will be dispersed to scholarship recipient within 30 days of being announced as the winner. Apply here.


Scholastic Art Awards

CCAD offers scholarships juniors and seniors whose portfolios or individual category submissions to the 2019 Scholastic Art Awards are recognized as Gold Medal winners at the national level.

  • National Portfolio Gold Medal winners are eligible for half-tuition scholarships, renewable for up to four years.
  • National Gold Medal winners in individual categories are eligible for a $2,000 tuition scholarship ($500 per year for four years toward the BFA program).
  • National Scholastic Art Awards-related scholarships are coordinated with other financial aid awards.

CCAD scholarships related to The 2019 Central Ohio OH003 regional Scholastic Awards include:

  • Seniors American Visions: $2,000 tuition scholarship ($500 per year for four years toward the BFA program).
  • Seniors Gold Key and Gold Key portfolios: $1,000 tuition scholarship ($250 per year for four years toward the BFA program).
  • Seniors Silver Key and Silver Key portfolios: $500 tuition scholarship ($125 per year for four years toward the BFA program).
  • Regional Scholastic Art Awards-related scholarships are coordinated with other financial aid awards.

Ohio Governor’s Youth Art Exhibition

CCAD offers scholarships to students whose work appears in the 2019 Ohio Governor's Youth Art Exhibition or Cameo Shows and who are admitted to CCAD by May 1.

  • CCAD will offer up to three tuition scholarships to Governor's “Award of Excellence” winners in the amount of $18,000 each ($4,500 a year renewable for up to four years).
  • Other participants whose work is in the Ohio Governor's Youth Art Exhibition or Cameo Shows (and who are not “Award of Excellence” winners) are eligible for $4,000 tuition scholarships ($1000 a year renewable for up to four years).
  • Awards must be used beginning in Fall 2019 semester, and cannot be deferred.


YMA Fashion Scholarship Fund

As the premier educational fashion nonprofit in the United States, the YMA Fashion Scholarship Fund seeks to identify and create career opportunities for young people worldwide.

  • To be eligible, you must be a current freshman, sophomore, junior or senior and have an overall GPA of 3.0 or higher. And you must have a desire and passion to enter the fashion industry. The scholarship is for majors closely aligned to the fashion industry, including apparel design, graphic design, merchandising and retail studies.
  • Scholarship recipients receive a $5,000 scholarship check payable to the student that can be applied to any educational expense such as tuition, summer housing for an internship, study abroad program, senior collection, etc. Winners are also invited to attend the annual January Awards Gala in New York, with travel expenses paid, and will have access to internship opportunities through YMA Fashion Scholarship Fund partner companies. Each recipient of this scholarship for fashion students is strategically matched to an industry executive who will serve as their mentor during the year of the award.


Website Properties

Website Properties offers scholarships to help young entrepreneurs build a great foundation through education. High school seniors, and college, university and trade school students can apply by writing an essay. $750 will be awarded to the winning essay, and $125 will be awarded to each of the 2nd and 3rd place entries. To apply, visit Website Properties.


Veterans benefits

CCAD is approved by the State Approving Agency and the Veterans Administration (VA) for educational benefits.

  • To apply for Veterans Benefits, you must first apply for admission to CCAD.
  • After you are admitted to CCAD, you apply for benefits at the VA office.
  • You then submit the certificate of eligibility or letter of authorization that you receive from the VA to CCAD. This must be done before you register for classes.

Read about Veteran Benefit information here.



Satisfactory academic progress

Find a Satisfactory academic progress FAQ here.