Visit CCAD

Come visit a place for someone like you.

There’s a balance of structure and chaos that occurs naturally in every creative space. Here at CCAD, we’ve designed our campus to ensure that you thrive in it. Our sleek, modern buildings are both functional and architecturally significant. State-of-the-art labs and facilities allow you to do your best work.

But there’s also an artistic messiness that we can’t plan. It’s your hundreds of drafts, your dried-out paint tubes and your missed stitches that lead to masterpieces. It’s your models, prototypes and floor plans that lead to innovation. You’re right- and left-brained. You experiment and collaborate. You need a creative playground.

So visit our creative community. Have a one-on-one conversation with our admissions team. Bring your portfolio, take a tour of campus and sit in on some classes. You think visually — so see for yourself what's happening at CCAD.

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