10 times someone noticed how ridiculously affordable Columbus is

One of the worst-kept secrets about Columbus is how affordable it is to live, work and play here. Entrepreneurs love how affordably their dreams can become reality. Young professionals enjoy rents that let them enjoy the city beyond their apartments. And, when it’s time to settle down, first-time homebuyers find plenty of options in good neighborhoods at reasonable prices. Don’t take our word for it, though. Lots of national publications are boasting about Columbus’ affordability.

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No. 3 Best City for Renters
Columbus’ average rent hovers around $822. (In Los Angeles, it’s $1,892, and in Manhattan, it’s more than $4,000.) Renters here spend 17% of household income on rent — comfortably below the traditional recommendation that housing expenses should total less than one-third of your income.

No. 3 Best City for College Grads
Columbus exudes a youthful energy, with plenty of arts, culture and young professionals, but that’s not the only thing SmartAsset 
took into account when it made this ranking. Our cost of living — 3% lower than the national average — also caught their attention.

No. 7 Best City for Millennial College Students
OnlineColleges.com analyzed cost of living, economic opportunity, cultural offerings, commute time and other factors when compiling its ranking of
best cities for millennial college students. Cost of living and a low unemployment rate were among the bright spots in Columbus’ profile.

No. 6 City for Young Couples
Money is such a huge part of life for young couples — and it can be one of the biggest bones of contention. The folks at CreditDonkey.com think
a move to Columbus could help allay some of those concerns, because mortage rates are affordable and unemployment is low.

No. 1 Opportunity City in the Country
Columbus’ low housing cost was one factor in
Forbes’ recognition of the city as a great place to start out (and where young strivers have plenty of opportunities to succeed). The magazine also noted our thriving arts and culture scene, great medical care and an approachable size when naming us No. 1.

One of 8 Cities Where Millennials Won’t Break the Bank
Identities.mic gives Columbus
props for its global population, colleges and universities, numerous corporate headquarters, pro hockey and soccer teams and, of course, plentiful inexpensive housing. That all adds up to a great bargain for millennials, the website says.

No. 6 Best City for Creatives
SmartAsset took a couple of our smartest assets: a low cost of living and a plethora of creative types, put ’em in an index and made Columbus a
standout in its ranking of U.S. cities where creative people can both find their tribe and afford to live.

No. 3 Best City for Millennials
named Columbus one of the best American cities for millennials based on projected above-average job growth, affordability of food, rent and other necessities and access to everyday amenities like grocery stores and pharmacies. The magazine also singled out Columbus’ walkability.

Among the Cheapest Big Cities in the U.S. to Live In
What good is an affordable rent if you can’t have fun on the weekends? Columbus has
inexpensive entertainment in spades, says Kiplinger, pointing out reduced-admission opportunities at attractions like the Columbus Zoo and Ohio State athletic competitions.

Best Places for Young Adults to Live
A slightly tongue-in-cheek, “mostly scientific” analysis by Vocativ took into consideration
real-life expenses like gas, electricity, manicures, broadband, takeout restaurants and access to vintage clothing stores. Columbus performed admirably, with more pressing needs like commuting and paying rent taken into consideration, too.


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Columbus is the "hottest hipster market" in the country, says Yelp.