12.6.2020 | Dear students: Continuing call for police reform

Dear Students,

Earlier this weekend we learned of the death of 23-year-old Columbus resident Casey Goodson Jr., who was shot by a Franklin County Sheriff’s Deputy outside his home in Columbus’ North Side. Details are limited at this time, but it is clear that this tragic incident follows an established and alarming pattern of young Black men being killed during interactions with law enforcement. These incidents of violence, which continue to happen across the country, are distressing no matter where they occur, but are  particularly troubling when they occur right here in Columbus. I am saddened and angered each time another life is lost to excessive and extreme police response.  

As an institution committed to fostering intentional inclusivity and genuine equity, CCAD denounces all acts of violence and any actions that are rooted in racism and implicit bias. The city of Columbus appears to be charting a course toward more just and accountable policing through the ongoing Reimagine Public Safety Initiative. But there is always more work to be done. While we seek changes that are not ours alone to make, we will continue to use CCAD’s voice to call for broad and comprehensive law enforcement reform at the local, state, and federal level. And I hope that as students, you continue to use your voice as well. In fact, one opportunity to do so will be at Columbus City Council’s Reimagining Public Safety hearing scheduled for 4:30 p.m. (EST) this Tuesday, Dec. 8. 

It is within our individual and collective interest to live in a more just and equitable society, where all people can live free from the threat of violence, particularly at the hands of those entrusted to protect and serve. I invite you to use your voice in pursuit of justice, in whatever form that takes for you.

In community,