2019 CCAD Art Fair & Marketplace Preview: playing around with animated art

Jaime Vargas Rivas (Animation, 2020) grew up watching late ’90s Cartoon Network classics like The Powerpuff Girls and Courage the Cowardly Dog. Now he’s creating his own cartoon artwork as a student at Columbus College of Art & Design, and he’ll be selling his fanzines, stickers, keychains, prints, and shirts at the CCAD Art Fair & Marketplace. Find his work, priced at $1 to $25, at the CCAD Art Fair & Marketplace on Saturday, Dec. 7, 2019, and find more of his drawings on his Instagram page. Read more from Vargas Rivas below.

What can people expect to see from you at the CCAD Art Fair & Marketplace?

Cartoons have always been something that amazed me since I was a child, because of how surrealistic they are. Surrealism is the language of our minds, and there's nothing more intense and intimate than our minds! My pieces feature wacky character designs to adult-themed illustrations, always in a friendly and playful manner.

What’s your philosophy/perspective behind your work?

For me, the most important things are having fun and give a meaning to what you create. Having fun with your art means you'll always want to make more. Improving will be natural, because you don't realize how much you're practicing! I can’t see myself doing something else but creating and having fun—bonus points if I can make someone else happy with it.

art fair work
art fair work

Why did you want to participate in the CCAD Art Fair? What kind of significance does it have to be selected for it?

Since I was a kid, the U.S. has been a culture that amazed me because of how many opportunities visual media has here (I grew up watching Cartoon Network's Powerpuff Girls and Courage the Cowardly Dog!), so having the opportunity to show my work here in person has a lot of meaning for me! I’m excited to talk and meet different talented artists around me, or have a fun conversation with anyone interested.

How has your CCAD education influenced the work you will be offering for sale?

It’s been a long time since I felt this need to participate so actively in something. CCAD has pushed me to get better, giving me endless opportunities and resources to work with!

CCAD Art Fair & Marketplace

Saturday, Dec. 7, 2019

First Look: 9-11 a.m. Tickets cost $25 online and $30 at the door.

General Admission: 11 a.m.-3 p.m. Tickets cost $7 online and $10 at the door.

Parking is free.

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