2020 CCAD Art Fair & Marketplace preview: This work sings

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Columbus College of Art & Design has moved its annual-favorite Art Fair & Marketplace online for 2020. See an outstanding selection of wares by CCAD students and alumni online at ccad.edu/artfair starting at noon Friday, Dec. 4 through 11:59 p.m. EST  Sunday, Dec. 6. All sale proceeds will go directly to the artists, designers, and makers.

Collin Williams (Advertising & Graphic Design, 2023) makes work designed to put a smile on your face. His designs, which include stationery, stickers, original paintings, and fine art prints as well as works made from clay, range in price from $4 to $100, making them suitable for all price points. The Vandalia, Ohio native, who now lives in Columbus, will sell his work, created under the name Cloudhymns, at CCAD’s virtual 2020 Art Fair & Marketplace Friday, Dec. 4–Sunday, Dec. 6, alongside other pieces by more than 50 CCAD students and alumni. Read more from him below, and find additional examples of his work on Instagram, Twitter, and on his website.

What can people expect to see from you at the Art Fair?
People can expect to see a lot of dopey, colorful artwork made with a lot of love.

What is the inspiration behind your work?
If my work can bring a smile or warm feeling to people who see it, then I see that as a success. In any of my creative work— graphic design, illustration, etc.—I try to make great things for even better people. 

chickie art


clay cute pieces art


What is your process like for making these goods?
Late nights, lots of coffee, and a bunch of trial and error. I try to keep my Cloudhymns stuff separate from my graphic design work enough so that it doesn’t always feel like I’m working. Any free time I have away from coursework and clients typically lends itself to developing new products and designs for my shop.

How many times have you had work in CCAD’s Art Fair? Why did you want to participate in it?
This is my second Art Fair, but my first was the impromptu-online version we had last spring so I guess I wouldn’t know if that counts. I had a big booth and everything all set up ready for it though, so I guess I’ll count it. I wanted to participate because a.) I am a college student and am very poor, b.) I grew up selling at flea markets with my family and genuinely enjoy the atmosphere, and c.) sharing my work with the world and impacting other people brings me a certain kind of joy that few other things can. 

How has your CCAD education influenced the work you’ll be offering for sale?
My education at CCAD has helped me realize that nothing I make is particularly precious. I’ve been able to open myself up for a lot more experimentation and playfulness than I ever did before being on campus. Plus, I’m always just super inspired by the crazy-cool work from my peers. It’s been great for my process and improving as an overall creative.

2020 CCAD Art Fair & Marketplace
Learn more and attend the 2020 CCAD Art Fair & Marketplace happening Friday, Dec. 4–Sunday, Dec. 6.