3.13.20 | Dear Students: A Strong CCAD Community

Dear CCAD family,

I know you are all being inundated with updates on the rapidly evolving COVID-19 situation here in Ohio, at CCAD, and around the globe. Amidst all of this, I just want to take a moment to stop for a quick personal message to say I’m sad and I’m sure you are as well. It’s hard to have your lives disrupted so dramatically and all of this might feel very scary.

This is impacting all of us so greatly right now. Please know that CCAD is doing our best to follow the daily guidance from the Governor’s office as well as the CDC. We don’t make any of these decisions lightly, and I am so thankful for your patience and grace as well as your willingness to upend your normal lives as students, artists, and designers—and the people who support them—as we do our part to slow the spread of this virus and keep our communities as safe as possible. 

It may not feel like it, but you are on the front lines of saving the lives of our most vulnerable people by following requests to maintain social distance and conduct your classwork and practice remotely. Your actions are meaningful and will have repercussions that reverberate well beyond our physical campus. 

Students, I know that this is affecting all of you, and my interactions with you thus far have made me proud; you are taking all of this change and uncertainty and making the best of it.  

Seniors, I expect that this is a particularly difficult and emotional time for you as you progress through your final year at CCAD. Your final year here at CCAD is a moment of accomplishment and celebration. That will not change, even if the coming months may look different than any of us anticipated. Beyond your studio and academic studies, you may have questions about some of our events on the horizon—the Art Fair, Chroma, the Fashion Show, and Commencement, to name just a few. We are continuing to follow guidance and rules from Gov. Mike DeWine’s office and will update you on our plans as news evolves. 

Faculty, I have seen how hard you are working to conquer the challenge of moving to remote delivery of your classes. I have never doubted your professionalism and creativity in problem-solving, but to see it in action is inspiring. I’m confident we will have a successful spring semester. Thank you for your cool heads, innovative thinking, flexibility, and commitment to our students. 

Staff, I know this has been a demanding time for you. You have been asked to perform your day to day work under unusually tough circumstances. Many of you have been tasked with new challenges as well that have asked you to innovate, to work closely with colleagues across departments, and to go above and beyond. Thanks for all you do on these challenging days, and every day. Your hard work does not go unrecognized.  

Finally, if I may, a few words of advice for us all as we navigate this unique time: Practice self-care. Be patient and kind. Remember that social distancing doesn’t mean social isolation. This is sure to be a defining time in the history of our country and our world, and no one is better-equipped to document, think about, and write about and impact what comes next more than artists and designers.

And on a logistics-driven note, please continue to monitor your CCAD email inbox for updates from the college, and visit ccad.edu/publichealth or email publichealth@ccad.edu if you have questions about CCAD’s response to COVID-19.

I’m so proud to be part of this CCAD family.

With affection (from a safe distance),