5.19.18 | Dr. Melanie Corn, Letter to the Editor, The Columbus Dispatch

CCAD President Melanie Corn recently wrote a letter to the editor that appeared in The Columbus Dispatch. Read the full letter below.

Art and design grads ready to go to work

Dr. Melanie Corn, Letter to the Editor, The Columbus Dispatch, May 19, 2018

On Saturday, I had the pleasure of presiding over Columbus College of Art & Design's 139th commencement ceremony. And, as CCAD ushers its new alumni out into the city and around the world to change culture and commerce through their creative practices, I thought it was a fitting time to encourage Columbus' leaders and businesses to pay artists and designers for their creative work and intellectual property.

Too often, we think of the arts as a hobby — or so much fun it couldn't possibly be work. While creative practice is, indeed, exhilarating, inspiring and joyous, it is also incredibly skilled, challenging, intellectually rigorous and plain ol' hard work.

Columbus is the No. 1 city for college grads, and it's full of outstanding creative talent. So, if a company ever needs help with a logo, a website, a mural, etc., it will have no trouble finding fresh and eager artists and designers at the ready. But remember that one wouldn't expect free legal advice from a lawyer, a free audit from a CPA or a free check-up from a doctor.

And, artists and designers — especially those who have recently graduated and those still in college — don't need to accept work "for the experience" or "for your portfolio." You have already gained incredible experience in the classroom and studio, and your work is worth investing in. Don't sell yourself short.

Melanie Corn, President

Columbus College of Art & Design, Columbus