Adjunct Instructor Jason Rawls preaches teaching hip-hop culture in new book

CCAD Adjunct Instructor Dr. Jason Rawls

Hip-hop culture is the dominant culture among the students in American schools, but it’s often discounted in the classroom.

In his new book Youth Culture Power: A #HipHopEd Guide to Building Student-Teacher Relationships and Increasing Student Engagement, CCAD Adjunct Instructor Jason Rawls argues that hip-hop culture could be useful in building relationships between teachers and students and building student engagement.

Dr. Rawls co-wrote the book with John Robinson, a fellow educator and hip-hop artist with experience in the classrooms of urban schools. Published by academic publishers Peter Lang Inc., the book hit shelves June 1.

In Youth Culture Power, Dr. Rawls and Robinson put forth their C.A.R.E. Model of youth pedagogy to help teachers create a positive learning environment by building relationships and lessons around students’ own culture. Instead of forcing students to give up the things they frequent, they feel teachers should discuss them and, when possible, use them in lessons.

At CCAD, Dr. Rawls teaches classes including Starting an Art and Design Business and SOSA & Entrepreneurship. Rawls has over 15 years of K–12 teaching experience, and he’s also an accomplished hip-hop producer and DJ who has released over 20 albums as J Rawls. In the music world, he’s worked with artists such as Dose One, Domo Genesis (Odd Future), Capital Steez (Pro Era), Beastie Boys, Slum Village and many others.

JayARE is the hip-hop duo of John Robinson and J Rawls. The group has released its second album, Youth Culture Power, in conjunction with the book release. Each song title matches a chapter in the book, intended to inspire, motivate and entertain teachers, administrators and parents.

You can order Youth Culture Power here.