Alumni relations gets a makeover

As the Alumni Relations office, it’s our job to stay connected with you, our alumni, to promote your success and ensure that the relationships you formed while studying at CCAD last a lifetime. Since CCAD graduates spend so much of that lifetime on computers, we’ve looked hard at our presence on the internet over the past few months, adding new venues of communication and adjusting old ones. Here’s what’s new.

No more log-ins!
For a few years now, we’ve connected with alumni through a password-protected online community. It worked well enough, but the truth is very few alumni actually used it. So we’ve replaced it with similar features built right into our alumni pages at They’re easier to use, don’t require a username or password (who can remember all those anyway?), and are all conveniently located in one place.

(Okay, just one).
Actually, we lied. You’ll still have to remember one set of log-in information—your Facebook. We’ve created a Facebook page specifically for our alumni to share their thoughts, questions, experiences (anything!) with us and each other. And we’ll help it get richer every day by posting the most recent alumni news, job opportunities from our Career Services office, info about upcoming events, and whatever else we think you’ll want to know. But none of it will work without friends—“like” us today!

Your news—faster.
This electronic newsletter will bring you the latest alumni news four times a year. But if you like your news even fresher, you can subscribe to our news blog and get everything the second it’s published. (Don’t worry, we’ll share it on Facebook, too.)