Alumni work curated by History of Art & Visual Culture students for Chroma

CCAD student hanging art

Students from Columbus College of Art & Design's Studio Art with an Emphasis in the History of Art & Visual Culture program have curated an exhibition of CCAD alumni work for Chroma: Best of CCAD.


The exhibition, called Anthropocene, features work created by alumni displaying a variety of printmaking techniques, including intaglio, relief, screen printing, and lithography.


Four students — Amber Feit (History of Art & Visual Culture, 2019), Claire Heiney (History of Art & Visual Culture, 2020), Samantha Nawrath (History of Art & Visual Culture, 2020), and Sam Thune (History of Art & Visual Culture, 2018) — worked on the project, along with History of Art & Visual Culture Chair Jeannine Kraft, Visiting Faculty Carol Boram-Hays, and Program Coordinator Brittany Campbell.


Anthropocene will be on view Wednesday, May 9, through Friday, May 18, in CCAD's Canzani Center Multipurpose Room (60 Cleveland Ave.). The show examines the cycle of life while simultaneously directing attention to the interdependence that modern civilization has on the natural world.


Featured artists include:   

Samantha Rehark (Fine Arts, 2011)

Coey Kuhn (Illustration, 2011)

Erin McKenna (Fine Arts, 2012)

Emily Cook (Fine Arts, 2013)

Kelsey McClellan (Photography, 2012)

Carrie Middleditch (Fine Arts, 2011)

Anna Hoover (Fine Arts, 2009)

Kaitlyn Mays (Fine Arts, 2010)

Meghan DiMattia (Fine Arts, 2011)

Chris VonHolle (Photography, 2011)