Alumnus, business profiled in prominent U.S. newspaper

Indianapolis Star newspaper recently profiled alumnus Jon Edwards (CCAD ’88) and partner Christopher Blice, their company Blice Edwards Inc., and the more than 500 commissioned works they’ve created in central Indiana.

The pair recently painted a mural for consumer-review powerhouse, Angie’s List. Star correspondent Mary Lee Pappas detailed the process in her article.

“When Angie's List wanted to ’bring a little bit of history’ back to its East Washington Street headquarters, according to spokeswoman Cheryl Reed, the consumer-review company hired Blice Edwards. The two painters spent several months doing research to restore a barely visible advertisement on the building's exterior,” wrote Pappas.

“Scrutinizing the layers of images they recognized a ’Q,’ which inspired the nostalgic Quaker Oats mural. ’There were existing 'ghost signs'—just shadows of the images that used to be there painted by painters known as 'wall dogs,'’ said Edwards.’Trying to decipher what was there originally was tough. It was kind of fun being a 'wall dog.'’”

The Blice Edwards studio is located in Indianapolis, Indiana. In addition to their Indiana clients, the pair has commissioned works in San Francisco, Pittsburgh, Chicago, Naples, Orlando, Scottsdale, and Nashville.

To learn how the two met, how their company began, and more about the work they do today, read Pappas’s “Creative pair cover Indianapolis in murals.”