Alumnus designs album cover for former Van Halen lead singer

Illustration alumnus Darren Goldman (CCAD 1998) recently created the cover art for the self-titled album from rock band HURTSMILE, led by Gary Cherone (who was the lead singer for Van Halen on the Van Halen III album) .

Goldman said, “I teach art to kids and teens and manage a record store in Peabody, MA. Gary, being a regular customer at the store, approached me about doing a painting for the CD. I was thrilled that he liked my work enough to even let me babble about what I do, never mind ask to do a piece for the CD. Sorta crazy.”

“With the band name HURTSMILE, it seemed fitting to have brass knuckles and teeth,” he continued. “I also wanted to represent the edgy tough sound that the record has. Just thought if they didn't have a logo I'd do some Photoshop magic. And honestly it was quick just a couple hours one night. I was thinking of creating an image that could be made simple if they were to use it on merchandise (T-shirts or stickers).”

Gary Cherone is an American rock singer-songwriter. He is best known for his work with the rock group Extreme, as well as his short stint as the lead singer for Van Halen. The album is available for purchase here.

Learn more about Goldman on his website.