Alumnus nabs new position, work to develop art therapy graduate program

Through his appointment as Assistant Professor of Art at Mercyhurst College, alumnus Bob Tavani (CCAD 1985) will work to develop an Art Therapy graduate program within an Expressive Art Therapies program.

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Alumnus Bob Tavani will develop a graduate program at Mercyhurst College.

“The Graduate Programs in Art Therapy and the Expressive Therapies are on the horizon at Mercyhurst,” said Tavani. “There are established undergraduate programs in Art Therapy and Dance therapy already. I will be preparing curriculum and teaming with the Department of Psychology for an application to the American Art Therapy Association for an Art Therapy Graduate Program.”

Tavani will work with the Dance, Music, Fine Arts and Psychology Departments to determine the possibility of an Expressive Therapy Masters Program at Mercyhurst College.

Tavani earned his MFA from University of Illinois. He has taught in the Fine Arts department at CCAD and worked as the Art Therapy Director at Columbus Area, Inc.