Animation meets fashion at the 2019 CCAD Fashion Show

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The annual CCAD Fashion Show always has looks that move fashion forward.

This year, the 2019 CCAD Fashion Show will also have garments that incorporate designs from some of the top Animation and Illustration students at Columbus College of Art & Design.

Eighteen Fashion Design seniors created outfits based on work by 11 Animation and Illustration students to create looks that will be on view at the afterparty following the 2019 CCAD Fashion Show on Friday, May 10.

anmiation and fashion
animation fashion work

Participating Fashion Design students include:

  • Carrie Ackley
  • Meilin (April) Chen
  • Yanee Clements
  • Alex Domoracki
  • Carissa Gooding
  • Kaixuan (Kelly) Han
  • Melissa Marchi
  • Wes Mills
  • Lorena Morales
  • Thuy Nguyen
  • Tracy Powell
  • Brenda Rangel
  • Keely Rutledge
  • Alanta Slone
  • Ran (Peach) Tao
  • Kristen Wyant
  • Yuqi (Crystal) Zhang
  • Yuyuan (Yvonne) Zhu

Participating Animation students include:

  • Fran Amisola
  • Kristin Bandy
  • Alexa Buck
  • Maddie Carreiro
  • Natalie Haines
  • Annalyn Markley
  • Emily Murray
  • Danielle Mutispaugh
  • Gaile Plantz
  • Maura Peterson
  • Savanna Sheer

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