CCAD alum shows true grit

Gabe Leonard (Illustration, 1998), a native of Wyoming, was featured earlier this month in County 17, a publication out of Campbell County, Wyoming. Wrote the magazine: 

Now known by many as the Quentin Tarantino of the art world, his realistic illustrations of cowgirls toting six-shooters, famous singers belting tunes on stage or suavely dressed gamblers winning or losing millions at crap and card tables, Leonard’s work stands out for its realism and unique stylings that tell a story. The narrative connotations and emotion in his work have earned him fame as a world-renowned cinematic artist. From college students, serious collectors to Hollywood A-listers, Leonard has gone from hawking 8 x 11” Kinko color copies of fairies and floating trees from a blanket on the Venice Beach boardwalk to owning and operating a private studio with work hanging in galleries around the country and world.

Leonard recently opened a show at Wyoming Art & Frame. Watch the painter in action here.

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